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~Jean-Luc Godard

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Blast! Films is casting a show for a major US network

Posted: 3/22/2021

Blast! Films is casting a show for a major US network that follows the lives of overlanders.

•Are you traveling America in a 4x4, RV, truck, bus, or van?
•Are you migrating across America searching for artifacts and treasures?
•Or maybe you are designing and selling your clothing line from the back of your truck?

Blast! Films is casting across America for experienced nomadic truck-loving off-roading adventurers and their wheeled tiny homes for a major U.S. Network! This exciting new tv show will feature seasoned adventurers who are currently or about to embark on a life on the open road. Capturing the off-beat and extraordinary situations unique to you and your truck.

If you are a trucking pioneer and turned their back on suburban living, making money on the road and traveled to where very few have ventured before; we want to hear from you!


Questions to: Instagram: @CharlieCasting | Twitter: @ChannelCasting

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