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HBO's The Righteous Gemstones seeking some very specific needs

Posted: 3/2/2020

SEASON 2 filming for the HBO Series "The RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES" in Charleston, SC is just weeks away from beginning.

In addition to the Show's MANY General Extras Casting needs (All ages, All types, All races), Casting is seeking some very specific request:

* 25 MUSCULAR MALES -Competitive Body Builders, Power Lifters, Males with very large muscles. Ages 20's -30's. These males will be needed for numerous days of filming thru out the season.

* Mid 50's -Mid 60's PERIOD VEHICLES. Should be running and in decent shape. Do not need to be show cars. Especially in need of several 4 Door Family Type cars. Please include current photo if vehicle in submission.

* LITTLE PEOPLE Seeking 2 Males.

* AFRICAN AMERICAN Males for a 1960's Scene. 90 Males needed.
Must have or be willing to have hair and facial hair adjusted to correctly reflect 60's era. Film Date FRIDAY 3/13.

* VERY TALL/LARGE MALE -Experienced WRESTLER preferred. Must have or be willing to have hair and facial hair reflective of 1960's era.

* IDENTICAL TWIN BABIES -Ages 5 -12 months of age.

* GROUP MEETING MALES -Seeking Interesting Character Type Faces…seeking those that could portray everything from Down on Luck Pathetic to Dangerous looking types. Most should be middle age.

SUBMISSIONS SHOULD BE SENT TO with heading being Age, Ethnicity, Gender, City/State you reside. If submitting for a specific request, please include such in your heading.

EXAMPLE - MUSCULAR MALE, 28, Latino Male, Chas., SC.

2 Current Photos (close up & full length) which can be taken with a cell phone.Name, Phone, Age, City/State you reside, Height/Weight, Clothing Sizes, Description of visible Tattoos and Piercing. Please include if you have or do not have an artist release for tattoos, Color/Make/Model/Year Vehicle you drive.

You can keep up with the show’s Daily Casting Needs on the casting page:
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