"To photograph a face is to photograph the soul behind it. Photography is the truth, and cinema is the truth 24 times a second"
~Jean-Luc Godard

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Posted: 10/6/2017

Fourth Wall Films is seeking those interested in working as Extras for an upcoming Movie to be filmed in Charleston, SC. Filming will begin the end of October and continue until the first of December. Anyone working as an Extras must do such as a local hire.

ALL AGES (Children –Seniors), ALL RACES and ALL TYPES are needed!

In addition to general Extras needs, Casting is also seeking those that are actual EMTs /Paramedics, NURSES, MECHANICS, CORONER, POLICE Officers/Detectives, CSI Unit and Photographer. Please make sure you include your work experience as such in your submission.

ALL Submissions must include 2 CURRENT PHOTOS (1 Full Length & 1 Head and Shoulder /closer up) Photos should be taken within a few weeks of submission. Photos can be taken with a cell phone. No hats or sunglasses in photos. Photos must accurately reflect your appearance.

ALSO INCLUDED should be the following:
NAME, (include Child and Parent’s name if submitting a Minor).
AGE, PHONE, CITY/STATE you reside, 
TATTOOS -Description and location
VEHICLE INFORMATION –Some Extras may be cast with their vehicle. Please include the Year, Color, Make and Model of Vehicles you have access to. such.

SUBMISSION HEADINGS -Should be your Ethnicity/ Gender/Age/City and State you reside. EXAMPLE -Asian Male, 45, Charleston, SC. SUBMISSIONS including ALL photos and information requested should be sent by email

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