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~Jean-Luc Godard

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Local filmmakers announce the premiere of their feature film, "Tinker"

Posted: 10/2/2018

This is Nick Stathakis from Stax's Original Restaurant in Greenville. I am excited to announce that our Award winning film "Tinker" has obtained Worldwide distribution! We will be premiering in theaters November 16th in Los Angeles for our Oscar qualifying theatrical run. We will shortly thereafter be in theaters beginning with six to nine cities across the nation.

Greenville will be one of those cities!

My goal is to fill those seats in this town to showcase the talent that we have in this state and to share our positive message with as many people as possible.

This movie was partly filmed locally (Falls Park Bridge, Cleveland Park, Main Street in front of Zen, home off state park Rd) by locals. Local artists, musicians and crew all took part in the production. (Bo Stegall Salon, George Wise with Wise Studios, Artists Jason Anderson and Cary Morton, IronWorx, Zen Greenville, AllSouth Insurance Group Lisa Mckernen, City Of Greenville, Chamber of Commerce)

We found success with the help of Greenville and would like to continue finding beautiful locations and using the talent in this area to tell meaningful and positive stories.

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