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Introducing Cola Screenwriters!

Posted: 11/19/2015

Time to dust off that screenplay in the bottom drawer.


We have arranged with One Columbia to get together on Thursdays (6-8) at their meeting room for A new Screenwriters Circle - "COLA SCREENWRITERS". 

On FIRST THURSDAYS we will join with One Columbia and have a social "drop-in" where you can meet others in our group as well as other local artists and have a drink together.

It's mostly FREE - we may ask for donations to cover some costs from time to time. But I'll ask for some help with drinks.


One Columbia
1219 Taylor St, Columbia, SC 29201 (between Main and Sumter)

This week (Novenber 19) I will be there 6-7 to check out equipment. Feel free to drop by if you have questions.

Schedule (so far):

11/19 - Info Session 6-7pm
12/3 - Drop-in from 6pm
12/10 - 6-8pm
12/17 - 6-8pm
Holiday Break
1/7 - Drop-in from 6pm
1/14 - 6-8pm
1/21 - 6-8pm
1/28 - 6-8pm
2/4 - Drop-in from 6pm


This version of the circle will be much more inclusive. It is open to all who have an interest in writing for the stage or screen in any form. This means that if you are writing a short film script or even a commercial spot, we are here to help you by giving constructive feedback.

This is what the group is for - quality-constructive feedback. It is also a "safe space" where each attendee is required to sign a privacy/copyright statement.

The group is also open to other non-writers (filmmakers and those with particular interest in theater or cinema). You are welcome to bring rough cuts/outlines of work in-progress or even just storyboards of work you are doing.

What's quite important is that each meeting has both presenters and reviewers. Each session should have a few ready to present work and a number of others willing to give feedback. So even if you don't have anything to present, please don't stay away.

Of course, most work (particularly feature films) are quite long and the group meetings are not long enough to present all of it at once. Attendees are given an invite to join an on-line group where materials can be posted for review prior to the feedback session.!forum/colawriters

So, first, come by on First Thursday (December 3rd) and let us know you are interested and get a free drink, too!

See you then,

Ron Hagell

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