"To photograph a face is to photograph the soul behind it. Photography is the truth, and cinema is the truth 24 times a second"
~Jean-Luc Godard

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CALL FOR ENTRIES: The American Youth Film Festival

Posted: 1/3/2019

The American Youth Film Festival™ is an opportunity for the youth to showcase their movie making skills. Many young people regularly produce films that are then posted on websites such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. We will capture that interest and channel it to understand the “love of film or film making” through the eyes of youth filmmakers. The American Youth Film Festival is destined to become the premier youth film festival in the world.

Who Can Participate?

The American Youth Film Festival™ is open to ALL YOUTH regardless of race, creed, or national origin that are currently enrolled in elementary school, middle school, high school or college. Suggested submissions and entry fees (Early Bird/Regular) will be in one of four categories, elementary school ($20.00/$30.00), middle school ($30.00/$40.00), high school ($40.00/$50.00), or college ($50.00/$60.00). Films must be works directed and/or produced by elementary school, middle school, high school or college students. Adult supervision must be limited to an advisory capacity only.

All films (national and international) may be submitted into only one category, however, film makers may submit additional entries with separate forms and entry fees. All entries have specific time limits including titles and credits unless otherwise noted. The American Youth Film Festival is a family event therefore, no entries may contain excessive violence, profanity or nudity.

All films must be in the following format:

a. HD Videos: H.264 - 1080p 29.97

b. SD Videos: Windows Media - NTSC Widescreen or Quicktime - NTSC Widescreen

c. Films chosen as "Official Selections" for screening will be required to mail (2) DVD copies of their video for viewing during the festival screening. Submitter will also receive 2 All-Access festival passes (Does not include awards ceremony).

Animation – any animated movie, not more than 10 minutes

Comedy - any comedy film, not more than 10 minutes

Commercials – any 30 second commercial of local businesses*

Documentary – any documentary not more than 15 minutes

Feature – any narrative film not more than 30 minutes

Music Video – any music video not more than 4 minutes

Public Service Announcements – any 30 second PSA*

Science Fiction – any sci-fi film not more than 10 minutes

Short – any narrative short film not more than 15 minutes

*NOTE: The AYFF suggests that all filmmakers submitting in the Commercial & Public Service Announcement categories partner with a local business or a non-profit entity to produce their submission. In cities and towns across America there are small businesses or groups that will support student filmmakers in exchange for a 30 second commercial. Additionally, it is strongly suggested that filmmakers research people, places, monuments and special-interest causes in their local area and consider subjects with historical significance for documentary submissions.

NOTE: Film trailers are not eligible for consideration in any category.

Go here to learn more, and register.

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