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Script & Story with Story Pirates

Posted: 8/28/2018

Script & Story with Story Pirates
Thursday, November 8

The Idea Lab
South Carolina ETV Studios
1041 George Rogers Blvd
Columbia, SC 29201

As part of its ongoing support of Media Arts education throughout South Carolina, the South Carolina Film Commission and Indie Grants have partnered with the Story Pirates to host a virtual seminar on Script and Story in Film & Video, geared especially for teachers and other K-12 educators.

Story Pirates is a youth-centric arts education group with a hit radio show, top 10 podcast, and sold-out live tours. Regarded internationally as experts at finding the heart of stories, they teach story writing to students and help them adapt their work for the stage, radio, and in this case, screen. Story Pirates instructors will use their unique brand of engaging instruction and interactivity to discuss the basics of story, examine how those elements are used in film and media arts, and explore genre and other elements.

Participants will leave the seminar with a better sense of how to develop and script media content as part of their curriculums, with fun and highly-effective techniques to take back to their classrooms. Helping South Carolina students and other young filmmakers learn how to best create quality short films and other media content in all subjects. (Perfect preparation for the South Carolina Young Filmmakers Project.)

To cap off the day, South Carolina professional screenwriters will provide instruction on the mechanics of screenwriting, including standard software such as Final Draft and Celtex.

The workshop is free and open to the public. Space is limited and registration is required, with a preference given to South Carolina teachers, as well as educators and staff from organizations who work with K-12 students (such as media centers and arts organizations).

To register, submit your information here. You will be informed within 2-3 weeks of your registration status.

Participating teachers will receive a certificate of completion, including documentation of seat hours and content to qualify the seminar as recertification training. (Participants will be responsible for securing approval of these hours toward recertification within their individual district’s policies.)
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