Florence /Myrtle Beach / Wilmington, NC Region
Steeped in romance and history; a land of scenic beauty and adventure - the Pee Dee area was originally home to the Pee Dee Indians who lived and hunted in its broad valley. The Great Pee Dee is just one of the rivers that meanders through the area providing a scenic backdrop. Travel one hour east and you’re in the Grand Strand, more than 60 miles of beautiful beaches, an assortment of nightclubs, attractions, beach houses, condos, hotels, and several fishing piers to choose from. This string of beach resorts includes such ocean-side communities as Myrtle Beach, considered the Strand's hub, Cherry Grove, Ocean Drive, North Myrtle Beach, Atlantic Beach, Surfside, Litchfield, Pawleys Island, and Georgetown.

Discover why films like "The Bay," “The Strangers,” “Shag,” “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken,” “Lolita,” “Swimming,” “Chasers,” and “Forces of Nature” ended up here.
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