Workers' Compensation
For Employers

Any employer who regularly employs four or more workers full-time or part-time is required to have workers' compensation insurance. Workers' compensation for private business is predominantly purchased through private insurance companies. How much an employer pays for workers' compensation insurance is determined by the number of employees, their total wages, the type of jobs they perform, and the employer's history of accidents and claims. Insurance companies assign rates to each type of job, charging more to cover riskier jobs. While the rates are regulated by the S.C. Department of Insurance, it is a competitive market and the rates differ for different insurance companies. The cost averages $3.61 per $100 (please note that this is not an exact number).

Employers have the flexibility of applying to the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission to pay claims directly as a self-insured employer. Click here for the required forms.

For Employees

When an employee is injured on the job, he or she should immediately report the accident to the employer, or the employee may jeopardize the payment of medical fees and other compensation he or she may be entitled to under the Act. In no event should the employee wait more than ninety days from the date of the accident to report it to the employer. Claims for compensation must be made within two years after the accident or the date of death. Failure to comply with the timeliness statutes could negate any possible award or other compensation. The Commission monitors the payment of medical treatment and compensation provided by the employer or its insurance carrier to the injured worker.

View a list of FAQ's here.

For further information contact the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission
(803) 737-5700

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