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Location(s): Beaufort
Feature: 2003

Undertow (portion)

Content Films/ MGM-UA
Chris (Jamie Bell) is a volatile teen who lives with his
father, John (Dermot Mulroney), and his little brother, Tim (Devon
Alan). After the death of Chris' mother, his reclusive father moves the
family to a shack in backwoods Georgia, where they raise hogs. Tim has
an unusual eating disorder. He is constantly making himself sick by
eating things like dirt and paint. One day, John's estranged brother,
Deel (Josh Lucas), gets out of prison and shows up on the farm. John is
less than thrilled to see him, but agrees to let him stay with the
family as long as Deel helps him look after his boys. Chris is drawn to
his wild-man uncle, but it soon becomes clear that Deel has more on his
mind than a family reunion. Greed and years of resentment lead to
violence, and Chris finds himself on the run, towing his sickly brother
along, with Deel in pursuit.
Cast: Dermont Melrony, Devon Alan, Jamie Bell, Josh Lucas
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