Production Workshops

May 6, 2017
9:30am to 4:00pm
Trident Technical College
Building 970, room 107
700 Rivers Ave.
North Charleston, SC


Peter J. Fox has consulted on over 1000 scripts for top studios like Universal and Paramount and has worked on projects such as Good Will Hunting, Air Force One, Mallrats and The Mask of Zorro.  As the creator and instructor of The Inside Track for Story and Cinematic Structure, Peter's methods have caught the attention of Hollywood executives and the literary world alike.  Presented with passion and intensity, his seminars are not rehearsed or canned.  Questions are encouraged and the opportunity to interact, share and explore the process of writing for film is a large component of his seminars. 


He returns to Charleston to follow-up on his highly-regarded 2015 workshop.  This year's seminar will also include a discussion on short film scripting -- what makes a short film successful, starting with the script, and also how scripting pertains to the Indie Grants application and selection process.  With Indie Grants applications due on June 19th, this is a high-value tool for any filmmakers considering applying for Indie Grants funding and support.  See more about Indie Grants here


The workshop is free and open to the public.  REGISTER HERE.

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